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Educational Programs for Prisoners

Educational programs for prisoners are essential to increase the literacy level among inmates and provide opportunities for them upon release. Correctional education is vital to the rehabilitation of inmates in the United States prison system. In the United States, about  90% of the general population completed high school and received a diploma. This number exceeds …

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Prison Conditions

The U.S prison system is plagued with poor and deteriorated conditions that make inhabitation hard for incarcerated individuals. Poor prison conditions are a huge problem not for the prisoners, but they should also be a concern for society at large. The horrible conditions in the prisons make rehabilitation hard to achieve, and prisoners may end …

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Overcrowding, Fights and Violence Between Prisoners

The prison system faces an overcrowding problem as the operational capacity of the prison facilities available nationwide exceeds the design capacity. Common consequences arising from this phenomenon include violence and fighting among inmates. A 2019 report collated by the Bureau of Justice Statistics estimates that the total population of prisoners nationwide at the end of …

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Women Prisons in the United States

The Department of Justice reported that an estimated 6.6 million persons were under the supervision of US adult correctional systems as of December 2016. These include 1.4 million incarcerated persons and 5.2 million persons under probation and parole across federal and state jurisdictions. The 222,500 women in all prisons and jails make up approximately 15 …

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Private Prisons in the United States

As of 2019, private prisons housed 8% of incarcerated persons in the United States – about 116,000 people, the Sentencing Project reported. These facilities are controversial, as they reportedly unload incarceration costs on inmates and their family members. Also, many argue private prisons profit off government spending and policies on mass incarceration. Several administrations have …

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