Correctional Facilities in Kings County, New York

Kings County in New York, better known as Brooklyn, has several local jails, state and federal prisons where criminal offenders serve time. Depending on the jurisdiction, these facilities may be under the management of the local sheriff’s department, the New York Department of Corrections and Community Supervision, or the Federal Bureau of Prisons. 

This jurisdiction also serves administrative purposes, as the government agency in charge of a correctional facility is responsible for maintaining relevant inmate records. Generally, offender information and inmate records are public records and available to interested persons upon request. 

  1. Federal Prison

Metropolitan Detention Center (MDC) is a federal correctional institution under the jurisdictional and administrative control of the Federal Bureau of Prisons. Suffice to say that it is a federal jail for men and women convicted of federal crimes such as sex trafficking, racketeering, and firearm offenses. 

Furthermore, the prison holds inmates of all security levels as well as offenders awaiting trial. Notable inmates of this facility include rapper Daniel Hernandez (6ix9ine), indicted for firearm offenses; singer R. Kelly, indicted for child pornography; and Ghislaine Maxwell, allegedly an accomplice of Jeffrey Epstein in several sex crime charges.

To find inmate information and records, schedule a visit to the prison record custodian to make an in-person request. Alternatively, use the Bureau of Prisons Inmate Locator. Either way, you will need to provide the inmate’s name or unique BOP number to conduct a search. 

Metropolitan Detention Center

80 29th Street

Brooklyn, NY 11232

  1. State Prison and County Jail

Brooklyn Detention Complex is a state-run correctional facility for male offenders convicted of state crimes or awaiting trial in Kings County or Richmond County. The facility is under the jurisdictional and administrative control of the New York Department of Corrections. Offenders convicted and sentenced to serve time in this facility are typically guilty of felony crimes for which the period of incarceration is more than one (1) year. 

Generally, interested persons can look up inmate records by submitting a request to the prison administrative office. Alternatively, you may use the inmate locator for finding offenders incarcerated in New York. Note that you will need to know the name of the inmate or unique offender number to conduct a search. 

Brooklyn Detention Complex

275 Atlantic Avenue 

Brooklyn, NY 11201 

Kings County Jail, operated by the Kings County Sheriff Department, is a correctional facility for holding persons in police custody or awaiting trial. Also, persons who serve time here are typically those convicted of a misdemeanor for which the period of incarceration is less than twelve months. 

Kings County Jail

208 Joralemon Street

Brooklyn, NY, 11201

  1. Juvenile Detention Centers

Juvenile Detention Centers in Kings County are correctional facilities for underage offenders. The residents of these centers are youths aged between 7 and 16, who the criminal justice system deems unsuitable for incarceration in adult correctional facilities. Furthermore, these facilities provide security, education, mental health, substance abuse, and healthcare services for residents. Juvenile detention centers in Kings County include:

Crossroads Juvenile Center

17 Bristol Street 

Brooklyn, NY 11212 

Ella McQueen Reception Center for Boys and Girls 

41 Howard Avenue

Brooklyn, NY 11221 

Unlike adult local, state, and federal correctional facilities, information on juvenile offenders is not publicly available. The New York Freedom of Information Law does not allow access to juvenile court records or inmate information. 

In obtaining inmate records, you will often need to cover the administrative cost of searching and copying the documents. Most agencies accept certified checks and money orders and have their fee schedule. If a record custodian denies your request to obtain publicly available inmate records, consider making an administrative appeal. And if this fails, make a petition in the local district or county court.