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New Jersey Prison Inmates


  • Visit the New Jersey Department of Correctional Services (NJDOC). The NJ Dept of Correctional Services supports an detailled offender search: You may select as many or as few of 250 search criteria as you wish. The New Jersey Department of Corrections updates these records on a biweekly basis to make certain that it is as complete as well as correct as it can be. This information, nevertheless, could change quickly. Therefore, the information on the NJDOC website may not reflect the true current location, status, release date or other information regarding an offender.
  • To locate New Jersey inmates within the NH county jails and/or city jails (NH County Jail Inmates), please visit our directory of New Jersey counties with online access to their inmate records on this website.
  • If the county doesn’t supply on-line access or maybe if you can’t find a New Jersey jail prisoner using this method, you might consider to get in touch with the appropriate sheriff’s office or even county correctional facility to receive the information in person, by mail, or by phone. Therefore you may visit the New Jersey State and Local Government on the Web website for further information.