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We Are the 1st Public Records Reviewer on the Internet

If you are not a journalist, finding public records feels like a hassle despite the Freedom of Information Law. Generally, the challenges people face are not due to the scarcity of resources. Instead, it is often due to unclear request protocols, databases with incomplete information, and trouble finding trusted independent service providers. 

Many have paid non-refundable search fees without fruition, and not everyone can sacrifice billable work hours to dig through the archives of a government agency. 

1aPublicRecords understands these pain points, and that is why we review the procedural ways for accessing and getting a public record from the record custodian in your state. Then, we condense the information, strip it of legalese, and present it in an easy-to-follow format.

Not only that, but 1aPublicRecords is a compendium of resources you can trust. Here, you will find trusted websites and DIY instructions that make your search for information and publicly available records convenient.

You will also learn how to use free public record databases and experience the best-reviewed and trusted online records information providers. Using the network of multiple data sources we have vetted, you can find the exact information you seek at a minimal cost.