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Federal Inmate Search: Useful Information and applicable Knowledge


  • Take in consideration: Only persons convicted of violating federal laws are sent to federal prisons. Federal laws are laws of the United States. Other persons are incarcerated in + State Prision Facilities or + County & City Jails
  • The Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) provides a web site at There you will find an Federal Inmate Locator. More information on this topic you will find in the  Bureau of Prisons (BOP)-Section on this website.
  • On the BOP-Website there are two searchboxes: + Search by Name: First & Last name are required (exact match!) + Search by ID-Number: Can be found on any type of written correspondence Fill out and click on the SEARCH-Button.
  • With luck it appears a list of names together with the federal prisons where they’re being held. Very often people do not find the person they are looking for. In this case with high probability the person that they are looking for is being held in a state correctional facility and not a federal penitentiary. + If you do not find the right person, go to our State Prison Inmate Locator Website (Click here). + You need more information and more details? Look at the Inmate Records Providers on this Website.


There are two possibilities, to locate a Federal inmate incarcerated from 1982 to present:
1.) Search by Name
Searched inmate’s first and last name are required.
Please not: Federal inmate´s names must be an exact match (i.e. John Doe will not find Jon Doe)!
2.) Search by ID-Number: Recommended (will return a better match then searching by Name).
You may take one of the following possible numbers:
Register Number, DCDC Number, FBI Number, INS Number.
You can find an inmate´s ID-Number on any type of record or written correspondence.
Search Federal Inmate by NameSearch Federal Inmate by ID-Number

For Federal Inmates released before 1982 the Bureau of Prisons have to research records by hand. Write to:

Federal Bureau of Prisons
Office of Communications and Archives
Attn: Historic Inmate Locator Request
320 First St., N.W.
Washingten, DC 20534

The following information ist required to initiate any research:

1. inmate name (including middle name/initial)
2. date of birth
3. approximate age at time of incarceration
4. race approximates dates in prison

For faster processing you can provide the following information:
register number, aliases, crime and name of prison where confined.


Who is a Federal Prisoner?Only persons convicted of violating Federal laws are sent to Federal prisons. Federal laws are laws of the United States. To this rule, there are very few exceptions. More about Federal Inmates
Who is responsible for the custody of Federal Offenders?The Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP), an agency of the U.S. Department of Justice, was established to take care of Federal Inmates. Today, the Bureau is accountable for more than 204.000 Federal Inmates.
Where are the Federal Prison Facilities?The Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) consists of 115 institutions. In addition, the Bureau consists of 6 regional offices, 2 staff training centers, and 28 community corrections offices. BOP´s Central Office (headquarters) is located in Washington. DC. More about Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP)
Federal Institutions housing female OffendersThere are 27 facilities that currently house female inmates. Only 6 of these Institutions (the “Big Six” – Alderson, Bryan, Carswell, Danbury, Dublin, and Tallahassee) are occupied by women only. All other 21 Federal facilities have mixed populations. Get more information about female Federal Offenders.
Quick Facts about Federal InmatesSome quick facts about Inmate Population, Inmate Breakdown, Sentences Imposed and Types of Offenses. Also have a Look at the Weekly Population Report, updated every Thursday at 12.00 a.m.