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State Prison Inmates

  • If an inmate in the U.S. is not in a federal facility, then you should check with the state correctional department in the state where you think the prisoner is being held.
  • Many state correctional departments put information on their inmates online so you can search for and locate inmates on the appropriate websites. In our Government Sites tab you will find a well-structured list of all these states with online inmate locators. Click on the state and follow the instructions.
  • If the appropriate state does not offer an online inmate locator, you need to follow the state’s guidelines for finding an inmate in their facilities. You can find instructions and/or contact information by visiting the appropriate state website. We build up a list of all U.S. States without online inmate locators. Click on the state and follow the instructions.
States with Instant Access Prison Records
Alabama Iowa Nevada South Carolina
Arizona Kansas New Hampshire Tennessee
Arkansas Kentucky New Jersey Texas
Colorado Maryland New Mexico Utah
Connecticut Michigan New York Vermont
Florida Minnesota North Carolina Virginia
Georgia Mississippi Rhode Island Washington
Idaho Missouri Oklahoma West Virginia
Illinois Montana Pennsylvania Ohio
Indiana Nebraska    

These 38 States allow you to perform instant access database searches on their prison records.

The State Correctional Departments maintain information on the correctional facilities and inmates in their own state. The information released by each state varies. Some states provide records only for offenders currently incarcerated. Other states will also provide information on parolees, absconders and felony fugitives of their state prison system. Still other states in turn offer very detailed historical data about their prisoners.

Whatsoever, the State Correctional Departments on the left put more or less extensive information online – try it!

States without Prison Records Online Access
Alaska Hawaii North Dakota District of Columbia  
California Louisiana Massachusetts Wisconsin  
Delaware Maine Oregon


South Dakota      

The 13 States in this section do not allow online searches in their prison inmate records.

For finding inmates in these state correctional facilities you have to follow the state’s guidelines. Instructions and contact information can be found on the appropriate state website listed on the left side.