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  • Visit the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections. The PA Dept of Corrections provides a Pennsylvania Inmate Locator that contains information about each inmate currently under the jurisdiction of the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections. The Inmate Locator is a useful tool for learning where an inmate is housed, the inmate’s race, date of birth and other items. Information regarding where an inmate is housed is not an indication as to whether the inmate is receiving any treatment that may be offered by the Department of Corrections at that housing location. Note: The Pennsylvania Inmate Locator is designed to be viewed using Microsoft Internet Explorer. It may not function properly when using other browsers, such as Mozilla Firefox or Opera.
  • The PA Inmate Locator does not contain information on inmates not currently residing in a state correctional institution. To locate Pennsylvania inmates within a PA county jail and/or city jail (Pennsylvania County Jail Inmates), please visit our directory of Pennsylvania counties with online access to their inmate records on this website.
  • If the county does not offer online access or if you can’t find a Pennsylvania jail inmate this way, you may contact the appropriate sheriff’s office or county correctional facility to obtain the records in person, by mail, or by phone. Therefore you may visit the Pennsylvania State and Local Government on the Web website for further information.