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  • Visit the Virginia Department of Corrections. The Virginia Dept of Corrections offers a very well organized and extensive website with lots of information on all Virginia Offender related topics. To locate an offender currently incarcerated in the Virginia state system (under supervision of the VA Dept of Corrections i.e.Virginia State Prisoner) you may use the Virginia Inmate Locator. Searches can be done either by entering the DOC Number or by name (full last name plus a minimum of the first two letters of the offender’s first name). The information found on the search results website contains public record information on offenders sentenced to the VA Department of Corrections. This information only includes inmates who have been identified as “Virginia State Responsible” and who are currently incarcerated in a Virginia Department of Corrections facility. The system is not designed to provide complete offender records nor is it a database of all prisoners past and present in their system. Inmate information included are: Offender Name, Gender, Race, Release Date, and Location.
  • The VA Inmate Locator does not contain information on inmates not currently residing in a Virginia state correctional institution. To locate Virginia inmates within a VA county jail and/or city jail (Virginia County Jail Inmates), please visit our directory of Virginia counties with online access to their inmate records on this website.
  • If the appropriate county does not offer online access or if you can’t find a Virginia jail inmate using this method, you may contact the appropriate sheriff’s office or county correctional facility to get the desired information in person, by mail, or by phone. Therefore you may visit the Virginia State and Local Government on the Web website for further information.